Ritsa Zervou

M and M

Oil on canvas 20x25cm

Aantal stemmen ronde 1:


Aantal stemmen ronde 2:






I was born in Loutraki, a city by the sea in Greece where sunlight is a permanent source of life. I live and work in Amsterdam, a city in the North, where the sky is full of surprises, where shadows and light alternate and do not allow you to settle. I lived in California, where the shadows are harsh and the heat embraces one. I studied poetry and literature. I have always searched for ways to communicate through words and images. I studied at the Rietveld Academy of Arts and the Wackers Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. I work with oils and charcoal or pencil. The structure of the oil paint fascinates me and I often mix oils with earth so that I can add to the volume of the object I paint. I enjoy painting on panel and I often start outlining with rough structures and finish working out the details. There is narrative occurring as I look at the objects and I paint on the wood or canvas,; a story is told and is translated into lines, forms and volumes. I enjoy the definition of space through emptiness and the constant struggle between vulnerability and the desire to embrace oneself and almost hide into the structures of the objects in the same way as the light does.